A racing game made for my final year university project

Wheelspin Trailer

Drive to Survive

A game-mode reliant on fuel saving and zombie killing!

Choose any unlocked car in the game and play this game-mode where you can run over zombies and add to your score. Get multiple kills in quick succession and get a multi-kill and a score bonus. The better score you get the more rewards you unlock like new maps and cars. Keep an eye on fuel as you slay zombies as your fuel is constantly running down depending on how aggressive you drive, pick ups can be found dotted around the level to replenish your fuel.

Free Play Mode

Race against AI using any unlocked car and map.

Like in Drive to Survive, the player can choose their car and colour choosing from eleven different colour options. Also in free play mode you can also choose how many laps you want to race (Up to ten), how many players you want to race against (up to eight), and what map you want to race with. Achieve first place finishes for rewards like new cars and maps. In this mode the player can also choose to race in simulation settings. This then adds the factor of tyre and fuel loss to the players car also.

Gameplay video of current build

Basic game loops of both game modes

Drive to Survive

Basic loop of a zombie being killed and how it affects the players score.

Thinking about how the zombie will get destroyed.

Free play

The basic game loop of the player racing against AI opponents.

A loop of the player doing a pitstop in the simulation settings of the game.


- Date

September 2020 – April 2021

- Developed In

Unreal Engine 4

- Role

Game Design

Technical Design

- Team Size

Solo Project

- Game Design Document


Over the course of this year I will be developing my racing game Wheelspin. This is a solo student project that I am working on for Staffordshire University. The brief was basic, to work on any type of project you like and sell the idea to tutors. Come April, it will be a fully polished game that I hope to show off to the likes of GradEx and different companies in the industry.

This project is helping me hone down on important skills that I can take in to the industry these include:

- Design Documentation highlighting key aspects and mechanics that I will focus on during development.

- Lots of balancing and testing with how the car should drive like acceleration and handling.

- Understanding AI systems.

- Using initiative for independent study and workflow.

- Weekly meetings with a tutor to talk about the project and discuss ideas moving forward and application of the agreed scope of project.

- Diligent testing of the game throughout its progress.