Project Bee

A group project made in 6 weeks between May-June 2020

Project Bee Trailer

Project Bee

- Date

May-June 2020

- Developed In

Unreal Engine 4

- Role

Game Design

Technical Design

Level Design

- Team Size


- Game Design Document

- Game Download

I was one of four Designers on this game in a combined team of twenty two, consisting of Animators, Artists, Designers and Programmers. It was a student collaborative project that happened over 6 weeks. Throughout the project I was asked to do lots of different things from anything to:

- Research and mapping of the level to get a better understanding of what the team wanted to make

- Creating detailed documentation to help out with the rest of the team highlighting key aspects in our game

- Making a full block out of the level to help the artists create the game world.

- Particles

- Creating fun technical design in different areas in engine like the football pitch and basketball court

- Constantly talking back and forth with my fellow team discussing what we want in the game and how it will play.

- In depth testing of the level

This experience was great for me to get a brief experience of working in a team in the game industry. Since we had a lot more artists than designers and tech, I was happy to take up any work throughout the 6 weeks even if it was a task I had not done before like particles. What I had learnt over the year with technical design and game design helped me out a lot to communicate much better with the rest of the team.