Global Games Jam 2021

January 29-31, 2021

Theme: Lost and Found

Video slide show highlighting key mechanics in the game


- Date

January 29-January

31, 2021

- Developed In

Unreal Engine 4

- Role

Game Design

Technical Design

- Team Size


- Game Download

This project was made by four people over the course of two days. It included 3 artists and myself being the only designer/tech. Due to limited people that we had on the technical side of the project this challenge was a big step up but I am happy with the work that we produced. As stated the theme was lost and found so I thought it would be a great idea to use pirates as a theme and to add a bit of a twist you play as a space pirate.

General gameplay –

You have crash landed on to a planet and your ship is in dire need of repair. By hitting TAB your player can bring up an item list of what different bits of junk are needed to repair your ship. When the piece is brought to the ship the player will slowly notice the ship being built. Junk that the player needs can be identified by a particle surrounding the pickup.

As you start building your ship up, pesky scavenger drones will start appearing over the junkyard walls and fly towards your ship and steal your looted parts. If they do steal a part they will take it back to an incinerator to destroy the valuable ship loot for scraps. You will then have to scavenge around for that part again. These drones can be stopped by the player using their gravity gun and plucking these troublesome robots out of the sky.