Crypt Crasher

Exterminate ghouls in a haunted castle in a spooky side scroller setting

Crypt Crasher trailer

Crypt Crasher

- Role

Game Design

Level Design

- Date

January 2020-April 2020

- Developed In

Unreal Engine 4

- Team Size

Solo project

- Game Design Document

- Game Download

A second year game design project I made using pre-existing framework developed by staff at Staffordshire University. During this I learnt key game design techniques like:

- Create a design document that includes all key aspects of the game that are broken down which in advance helps me to get a better understanding of the game.

- Level design and how to make levels look unique.

- Adding new mechanics on top of pre-existing framework.

I really enjoyed my experience on this project, mainly because I had been given a frame-work and essentially I was given the freedom to do anything I wanted with it. I think I made the design quite unique for example, the ability for the character to transform in to a bat. I wanted this to be one of the features in the game as my storyline is that you play as a vampire who is a hired ghoul slayer. During the process I really had fun learning new design techniques that would slowly get me ready for industry.